Ashleyisakitty is an old OS Ambassador, now a moderator. She is a qt who dates Sophie. She is involved with several projects with OS, and is an intern. She is the original creator of OS's Tumblr page. She doesn't have many boundaries and is willing to talk about anything. Guys try to hit on Ashley all the time, but it's futile because she doesn't want the D.

She often dyes her hair different colors. From red to blue, blond to natural. Her room is filed with uber cool rainbow lights. She can sometimes be defensive in chat when people are intolerant toward other races and sexual preferences, but this is all with good intent. She's not judgmental and is very relaxed in terms of the Code of Conduct.

Guys don’t hit on her. Let at least one girl be your sister for cryst’s Sake!! -_- hotty

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